What can be done?

As individuals, despite possibly feeling significantly powerless in contrast to the large corporations that are responsible for the majority of the harm that is done to our environment and climate change, there are several actions that we can do, besides the obvious reducing our own carbon footprint, in order to do our part in order to help with both environmental inequality and climate change.

Learning about environmental justice issues, including how they intersect with race, class, and other forms of inequality is crucial. Understanding the root causes and impacts of environmental inequality is essential for taking effective action. In addition, educating yourself on policies and regulations that surround environmental inequality is useful. Engaging in advocacy efforts within your community to protect vulnerable people is also important. This may include supporting measures to reduce pollution, strengthen environmental regulations, and ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities.

If you are able to, donating to and volunteering with organizations that work on environmental justice issues is also a great action. These groups often advocate for marginalized communities, conduct research, provide legal support, and mobilize grassroots efforts to address environmental inequalities.